About Us   

     We're a small, independently owned & operated company based in Arizona, USA.  We operate on a Profit - donation model and believe in giving back to the community in a variety of ways.  We donate to and volunteer with various pet rescue groups and with Almost There Rescue, Community Canine Project, Arizona Pet Project, MCACC and Fetch Foundation.  Our goal is to support pet rescue & adoption, spay / neuter, lower shelter intake rates and help pet owners find help to keep their pets in times of crisis.  We are also working to expand our support to rescues and animal groups following natural disasters.  

     As a small business, we believe in supporting small, local business and primarily are carried by independent retailers & rescue group stores.   Currently we are primarily on shelves of retailers in the Southwest, but are expanding!  If you are a retailer or a rep  and would like to carry Sedona Natural, please Contact Us.

Sedona Natural... The Healthy Treat Your Dog Will Love

Why choose Sedona Natural?

 About Our Treats

     The line of Sedona Natural Liver Treats is produced and hand packaged in Arizona, USA, using only USDA grade beef, sourced in North America, purchased from local Arizona butchers.  As an artisan product, our treats are made in small batches to ensure we package only the freshest treats for your pet.  They are a single source protein with only 1 ingredient - Beef Liver.  We never add seasonings, salt, additives or preservatives.  Our drying process removes the moisture and they're lab certified to have a two year shelf life when stored properly...but they won't be in your pantry nearly that long!

     Our treats can be easily portioned into size appropriate pieces which make them great for small and large dogs....and cats too.   For pets preferring a softer treat, they can be re-hydrated by soaking in warm water.  We also have "Sprinkles" which is the same liver, just run through a spice mill that can be used as a food topper.   We do plan to expand our flavor line, but only when we are certain  we can maintain the best quality at a reasonable cost. 

   Some legal stuff...As healthy and wholesome as Sedona Natural Liver Chips are, they are only a treat and should not be substituted for a balanced meal or consumed by humans... which is a funny story, we'll save for another time.